Do you have a need to hire an artist to create a quality custom artwork of stone or steel or bronze for your home, or for a commercial or public installation? To discuss a current design project that would benefit from a unique hand-crafted piece, please contact me. Architect and Interior Designer inquiries welcome.

Artist Commission Process

Once a client and I have agreed upon the particulars pertaining to the piece of artwork being commissioned, and the signed contract with applicable deposit has been received, the project will begin.

The following information will give you a good idea of the ensuing commission process.

Procedure For Steel and Stone

I will create drawings of the proposed artwork along with medium, dimensions and price.

This is followed by a “to scale” maquette in plaster or clay. If the project is site specific, the drawings and maquette will reflect the site so that the client can visualize the installed work.

With this commissioned work there is a $1000.00 deposit for the drawings. Once the drawings are approved, the standard payment policy applies (see below).

Procedure for Bronze Busts

When being commissioned for a bronze bust, I take well documented and detailed character photographs of the subject from all sides and angles, and enlarge the photos to life size. Or, the client will supply a good array of photographs. The photographs allow me to create a life like portrait in clay.

Upon completion of the clay portrait, the client will come to my studio, if possible, to approve the work, or I will send photographs for approval.

After the client’s approval of the work, I then make a rubber mold and “mother mold” over the clay. The clay is removed from the rubber mold and wax is poured into the form. The wax portrait is then presented for client approval, either as viewed in my studio or from photographs.

Finally, the wax portrait goes to the foundry. The head or bust (head and shoulders) is cast in silicon bronze, finished and given a patina (coloring) and mounted on a stone or wooden base.

The entire process can take up to 6 months.

Installation By Artist

There are instances where the client prefers for me to do the installation. I am happy to provide this service. The cost is in addition to the commissioned work and will be agreed upon before the contract is submitted.

Local Commissions: Greater Ft. Worth - Dallas Area
Please note that I provide my own skilled installation crew for all local installations.

Non-Local Commissions
I will provide and/or facilitate installation of commissioned work outside the Ft. Worth - Dallas area.

Payment Process

All commissioned work requires a 50% deposit in advance, with the balance due upon completion. A commission must be paid in full before the artwork is released to the client.

Shipments Of Completed Artwork

Commissioned artwork is FOB - Ft. Worth, Texas. **I will deliver artwork within a 200-mile radius of the Ft. Worth area. Delivery charges may or may not apply. Particulars will be included in the contract.

All artwork being shipped via commercial carrier must be fully insured, no exceptions. The client is responsible for all shipping and insurance charges.

Do you have a need to hire an artist to create a high quality
custom piece of stone or steel artwork for your home,
or for a commercial or public installation?
If so, please Contact Me.

Architect and Interior Designer inquiries welcomed.